Sugar Skull Tattoo Design

By far one of the most popular tattoos that people may want to make is sugar skull tattoo. It can be traced to Mexican Day of the Dead. It’s a holiday that commemorates dead people and is celebrated on first two days of November. People believe that day the Heaven is opened and deceased are permitted to visit their relatives. Not only Mexican people, but in several other places in the world , including Spain, Italy, Philippines and South America, “Día de los Muertos” is observed.   

Symbolism of sugar skull tattoo  

Tradition holds it, that to commemorate loved ones that have departed from this world, sugar skull tattoos were designed. You put the name on the forehead of the skull made of sugar, afterwards you put the skull somewhere inside the home or at the grave, bringing honor to their return.   

In this article we’ll cover sugar skull tattoo, its design, meanings. Sharing this article we hope you’ll receive inspiration and find some ideas for you to use in your future projects.   

Meaning of the sugar skull tattoo   

Certainly, like most tattoos, sugar skull tattoo bears meaning, and an important symbolic one. This particular skull tattoo represents death, yet in a positive way.

Skull tattoo designs  

In case with sugar tattoos – the possibilities are boundless. Sugar skull tattoo are greatly abundant, often including wearer’s character details and symbols in the tattoo itself. There is literally countless number of ways to decorate a sugar skull tattoo, which is explained by such a large amount of different flowers that can be used to decorate it and the unrestricted color use. You can, in fact, use any possible color combination without any loss in terms of style authenticity. That and extensive use of floral elements make the tattoo look as colorful as actual sugar skulls.   

Considering style, the most commonly used flower is marigold. Traditional sugar skull tattoos use this flower, considering it to be “flower of the dead”. Typical sugar skull tattoo has oval shaped skull, carrying some degree of caricature with it, but some can depict a realistic skull as well, which, by the way, is mostly preferred by men, oval being more popular among women.   

sugar skull tattoo

A dramatic attention is always drawn to the eyes of the skull. In this case, portrayal of the eyes may vary from candles lit inside the skull to dazzling jewels in the eye sockets (flowers always work, too). As for adding other symbols, the designer has a reasonable freedom of doing so. There are many related symbols the author can add, including stars, cross, hearts, vines, birds etc.

Take your time browsing sugar tattoo designs in this article. This will help you receive a good general idea of what the sugar skull tattoo looks like. Additionally, feel free to borrow some ideas for your own special sugar skull tattoo design.  

Like with any tattoos, there are some things that you should consider before getting yourself a sugar skull tattoo. Take time to research tattoo before making any rash decisions. Be sure you’re aware of its symbolic meaning. You really don’t want to get inked and later realize that your fresh tattoo stands for something completely different from what you thought it does. Just bear in mind that tattoo removal process is very complicated and painful.

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