Skull tattoos – interpretation and symbolism

Skull tattoos are usually used to represent the wearer’s toughness. Fortunately, a great many of skull tattoos exists out there. For the most of people skull can only be associated with dauntless outlook and death, not always it’s quite so.

skull tattoo design

Nowadays its composition can have a caricaturesque style as well as charming appearance. It’s so absorbing, seeing how thanks to change of color patterns and skull tattoo itself the entire picture can emerge through skull canonic dark shades and bleak shapes and enriches the range of tattoo symbolism for even a completely charming one.

Below is a bunch of significant symbolical meanings of skull tattoos:

  1. Originally, a skull tattoo was only decorated and produced to fit males, but with the first emergence of unisex concept, such tattoos are currently worn by women as well. In order to add feel for femininity modern tattooists may even ornate skulls with bows and stripes of pink or purple to appeal to women. Such tattoos are worn by couples who want to signify to each other their eternal commitment until the end and beyond, so they wear male and female skull tattoos
  2. In the Christian world, the skull was always associated with the human remorse for the committed sins, but more importantly, human vanity and soul immortality. In spite of that, a snake depicted slithering out of a skull eye sockets pertains a symbolic meaning of knowledge and eternity of the mind.
  3. In the days of the past, when the fallen enemies were decapitated by the victors of the battle, it was a necessary act as nothing could be more solid proof of enemy’s death, than a dismembered skull. Moreover, certainly such trophy not only was a perfect display of might and predominance but also a fearful warning sign for the enemies that still live.
  4. Leaders of the ancient Celts made a foundation in the past for a more positive aspect of the skull symbol that affected its symbolism in the present and also brought a more significant meaning to it, rather than mere threat for the life. Power, might, protection – these are modern interpretations of the skull. Additionally, skull tattoo can mean a past tragic or life-threatening events that wearer overcame, which itself symbolizes strength and determination. But for the most part, it makes the tattooed person feel and look tough (or badass if you’re American).
  5. In Mexican tradition skull tattoos are widely applied at Dia de los Muertos, the holiday honoring the dead young and old people at November 1st and 2nd respectively. Interestingly, skull tattoos are decorated with positively-colored trinkets like butterflies, flowers and other attractive elements of nature attempting to grant the view of immortal soul within nature, making the tattoos much more appealing and alluring to wear. 

    Before approaching skull tattoo design one must be sure to have analysed various meanings of numerous different skulls before you get one permanently tattooed on your body.
Before making a skull tattoo, you should analyse various meanings of numerous skulls prior to approaching skull tattoo design.

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