Mexican Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos including Mexican style are widely used in the modern tattooing. In the article below you may get some notion of the Mexican skull tattoos.
The Mexican style is easily recognized by its peculiar details. Very often the tattoo pattern comprises patriotic, religious or traditional Aztec themes. Images of Mexican gods and their symbols are not uncommon and constitute the inherent feature of this style.

mexical skull tattoo

Traditionally a tattoo for a Mexican always was something more than a mere decoration. It was a means which helped in life, as from the ancient times people believed in the divine power that was inside the man and controlled his thoughts, deeds, and his individuality. That’s why religious motives or Aztec designs are so important in Mexican tattoos.

Very often a tattoo pattern includes such element as the skull. The skull design is appropriate for both men and women and is highly popular nowadays among tattoo-lovers. It may be differently styled and easily matches any pattern. Look at some samples given and choose the one that appeals to you.

Nowadays the skull design seems attractive to many people and is used in clothes or costume jewellery. Very often it is chosen as a tattoo design by the young, who love extremities. Sadly enough, the image of a skull stands for death. It reminds us that a man is mortal.

But the skull is also a symbol that reminds us of those who are gone and whom we loved. In Mexico the skull is associated with the Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican holiday, when people honor those who are not among the living anymore.

Tattoo designers have created quite a collection of such images. Some of them are really artful and very intricate. Any tattoo fan will find a pattern to his or her liking.
A variation of the skull tattoo is the sugar skull tattoo. Such image consists of two parts: one part represents a half of a person’s face. It may be a man’s or girl’s face and as beautiful as the artist’s skill can permit. And the other one is a half of a skull. These pictures are multicolored and much more interesting than ordinary skull designs. Tattoo designers apply bright, fresh colors, such as sky-blue, grass-green, pink, purple. Sugar skull tattoos may be very colorful and flowery and look nicely.

One more variant is the warrior skull tattoo. The design is more becoming to a man. Sometimes it represents a skull wearing a helmet or a skull run through with a sword. So, this design is associated with force, military, and the immortal soldier. What is most appealing about such tattoos is their masculinity. Therefore, they are the favourites with bikers and the like.

Another attractive motif is pirates. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" tattoos seem romantic and are associated with the sea, strength and adventure. Many young people have their own notion of the warrior skull tattoo and create their own styling.

The collection of skull tattoos includes a great number of the design interpretations. The skull may be combined with other things. The image may represent a skull and a tree, or a skull and an eagle or a vulture. To make the tattoo look even more stylish some tattoo fans prefer to have only a part of the skull, such as the jawbone.

Another very challenging design is a skull enveloped in flames. The skull and fire match well together. As the skull means death, fire also reminds of destruction. These interpretations are more suitable for those who prefer multicoloured tattoos. A simple skull design without any accessories will look better in plain black.

Another very important issue to consider is the size. Some people believe that skull tattoos look superb when a skull is depicted in full size. Smaller images do not look so great. The only places to bear such a tattoo are the back or the shoulders or the arms. If you want your tattoo to be exposed most of the time, you may have it on your neck.

As you see Mexican tattoos in general and skull tattoos in particular give tattoo fans a unique pattern to express their individualities. It can make you look romantic and masculine or stylish and tough. But one thing is certain: with such a tattoo you won’t go by unnoticed.

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